We are one of Australia’s fastest growing financial planning groups and also one of the most innovative.


We represent a new era in financial planning.  We are not a bank, and because our advice is based on tailoring financial plans to suit individual needs, we are not bound by many of the restrictions imposed on traditional financial planning institutions.


It is our stated intention, to change forever, the experience of financial planning in Australia.


Put simply, we aim to get your financial house in order and keep it that way forever.


To achieve this we use “new-world” financial tools including an objectives-based financial advice approach.


We collaborate with the professionals who contribute to your overarching financial plan to ensure every aspect of your financial life is integrated with your individual ‘big picture’.


Fortnum Advisers are carefully selected and we believe they represent the very best of the Financial Advice Industry.


All our financial advisers have been subjected to and passed a rigorous selection process;

All our advisers have advanced financial advice qualifications; and

All have tenure, a long history of quality advice and customer service.


Post-selection, maintaining adviser excellence continues as Fortnum advisers participate in ongoing education and performance reviews.


Fortnum advisers participate in a formal Business Coaching Program and Peer Review Program, conducted by Fortnum’s Head of Strategic Development. To our knowledge no other financial services organisation in Australia, articulates this level of expectation for excellence or provides the support for its network of financial advisers to achieve this standard of excellence.




Fortnum Financial Group Limited ABN 75 139 889 688 (Fortnum Financial Group).  Fortnum Private Wealth Pty Ltd ABN 54 139 889 535 AFSL 357306 trades as Fortnum Financial Advisers (FPW or Fortnum Financial Advisers).


Principal Practices are businesses that operate as Authorised Representatives of Fortnum Financial Advisers.