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We believe six key areas are critical for business growth and development. Our focus is on helping you transform your business in these six areas.

1. Advice services

Fortnum advisers adhere to a professional advice framework which is based on professional principles and designed to protect you and your clients. This framework is supported by a comprehensive resources guide and a dedicated advice team.

2. Business services

Audit and coaching are central to our business services.
Each year, our audit program focuses on a particular area such as fees for service. All our audit and coaching sessions are conducted face-to-face. If an issue arises, our team will work closely with an individual practices to swiftly resolve matters.

3. Investment and life insurance services

We are product-agnostic and have an open architecture approach to investments and life insurance.

Both our investment and risk insurance Approved Product Lists (APLs) are managed by third party experts.

This approach ensures:

  • A rigorous, objective assessment and selection process;
  • A broad menu of competitive, cost effective investment and insurance options to satisfy a range of clients’ needs; and
  • Appropriate choice and flexibility for advisers based on quality research.

4. Advice technology

Our technology stack utilises innovative, best of breed solutions to drive improved business outcomes and we continuously invest in automation and technology to enhance the advice process and client experience.

We have dedicated resources to support your practice to adopt and efficiently use tools and software.

5. Professional development and business growth

We recognise that every practice is different and has different objective and goals. We will customise a business growth program around your unique needs and work with you to implement strategies that boost profitability and value.

Our professional development program combines online learning with national and state-based forums for advisers, paraplanners and support staff. This ensures a compelling, easily accessible program that caters to all needs.

We also offer a NextGen program for advisers who are rapidly growing and developing their businesses. The NextGen program was developed by advisers and is based on peer-to-peer learning. It provides a unique opportunity for advisers to come together to expand their knowledge and learn from others in a similar stage in their business.

6. Operations

Our operations team manages the on-boarding and induction process and the execution of essential services including payments plus day-to-day adviser enquiries.

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