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Whether you are looking to buy, sell or merge, it is almost certain that having a greater choice of options will deliver a better final result for you and your family.

For many Principal Practices, these key strategic decisions become clouded by the urgings of an existing licensee that is often more interested in the retention of your FUM than you or your family’s wellbeing.

The Fortnum group has approximately 60 member firms, located in every state in Australia. We have an active pipeline of top quality firms looking to join the group. Many of these firms are actively looking for Sale, Purchase and merge opportunities.

If you would like a second opinion or would simply like to know what opportunities available, call 02 9904 2792 for a confidential initial chat.

Fortnum Private Wealth

Fortnum Private Wealth is an Australian licensee for quality, client-centric advice businesses. Fortnum is the licensing partner of choice for professional advice firms who are committed to achieving sustainable revenue and profit growth.

Fortnum’s commitment to advisers has been consistently recognised by leading global financial services consultant CoreData.   Fortnum Private Wealth has won the prestigious “CoreData Licensee of the Year Award for three consecutive years, reinforcing that Fortnum advisers have the highest level of satisfaction in terms of overall support, remuneration and brand.

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Fortnum continues to dominate the Licensee of the Year Award due to its focus on helping advice businesses succeed.

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