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Fortnum has a deep commitment to, and belief in the power of collaboration.

Collaboration is more than an activity; it’s an attitude and mindset; it’s an outlook that sees the possibilities.

Fortnum offers opportunities for advisers, paraplanners and practice managers to learn and collaborate together at a state and national level. The culture relies on the collaboration of advisers in a network of like-minded professionals. It goes beyond just learning and development and extends to the culture within each practice.

Our learning program provides opportunities for advisers to learn from their peers and other thought leaders to expand their knowledge, so they can build the best quality businesses to service their clients. All learning is designed in collaboration with our advisers, paraplanners and practice managers. The annual program includes our conference, national summit, state-based learning and specialist peer groups such as our NextGen program.

What is NextGen?

The inaugural ‘NextGen’ program was introduced in 2015 for advisers who are rapidly growing and developing their businesses and have a commitment to continuously improve and enhance their business and services to clients.

The NextGen program provides opportunities for advisers to come together and learn from like-minded peers. The structure of this program is purely based on peer to peer learning and is developed by advisers.

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