Fortnum Financial Advisers

Imagine a new-world financial planning organisation that is committed to a value as profound and as clear as ensuring the needs of their clients must always come first.


Where meaningful and honest conversations liberate truly outcomes-based advice and where financial planning strategies are innovative and client specific.


Fortnum Financial Advisers helps thousands of people just like you every day by evaluating needs, articulating goals and providing guidance for enriched decision making.


Fortnum clients have a desire to be successful in every aspect of their lives. They are mid to high income earners, executives, business owners and professionals who live with some level of financial complexity and who value experience and well considered advice.


Accordingly, Fortnum advisers are advanced-degree professionals. They are proven performers with significant industry tenure.


Fortnum advisers demonstrate exceptional customer care but importantly our advisers recognise that the best possible financial outcomes result from collaboration with our own specialist partners and with your accountant, your solicitor and other professionals who make valuable contributions to your overarching financial life.


From this position of in-depth understanding, Fortnum Financial Advisers build individually tailored financial solutions that are dynamic, that will change as you change and grow as you grow - for the rest of your life!

As a self-funded retiree, your wealth has been accumulated over a lifetime. It has been hard earned and you need to know that it will sustain you for the rest of your life. However, it is likely that there are at least two nagging concerns that have you questioning your financial future:


Can you trust that you won’t wake up one morning to find a significant amount of your wealth gone due to poor choices or market fluctuations? And will your wealth sustain you for the rest of your life. Indeed will it allow you to leave a legacy of your making – provisions for now, bequests for later?


Outcomes-based financial advice provides comprehensive solutions for Self Funded Retirees seeking clarity, that is prepared with the view to be inclusive of all your financial considerations and tailored to your own specific needs in retirement.


Outcomes-based financial advice considers your exact circumstances and your investment portfolio to deliver according to your requirements.

As a business owner or executive, finding the time to manage your financial affairs can be tough. There is complexity, especially when personal and business matters entwine and you also need to contend with different and numerous structures for tax effectiveness and asset protection from your creditors.


Your financial life is demanding and your time is precious, especially when you need to manage priorities around those you love or the things you love to do.


The key is to simplify your financial life. Clarity rewards you, not just with time, but with peace of mind.


Fortnum Financial Advisers’ outcomes-based financial advice aims to deliver appropriate financial planning that is right for you and your business.

Fortnum Financial Advisers provides advice and the structures necessary for high income earners to manage a wide range of financial considerations and complexities that come with a high net worth.


Outcomes-based financial advice assists high income earners to develop a financial plan that integrates taxation and saving strategies, wealth protection and wealth growth, investments, superannuation and personal insurances while assisting you to develop an estate plan that will safeguard your family from financial hardship if you are no longer able to earn.


Using new-world financial tools and a genuine collaborative approach that is inclusive of your accountant and others who contribute to your financial life, your Fortnum Financial Adviser’s goal is to discover what’s important to you and provide the advice you need to put your financial life in order and help you to keep it that way.

As a professional in practice, you may have an exceptional knowledge of your professional field but demands on your time may not permit a full understanding of the complexities of today’s constantly changing global financial environment.


We understand that simplicity and a clear understanding of your financial position would do much to alleviate feelings of financial uncertainty, as would a financial strategy designed in alignment with the unique requirements of your profession.


Fortnum Financial Advisers’ network is expansive and our approach is one of outcomes-based financial advice. Our financial advisers are qualified and experienced with specialist interests in professions as diverse as medical and mining.


While rich in knowledge and skills, Fortnum advisers recognise that collaborating with your accountant and other professionals brings cohesion and ultimately better overarching outcomes.


Fortnum Financial Advisers aim to manage your financial affairs so that you may enjoy the lifestyle it brings, while coordinating appropriate financial structures for the development of longer term planning. We aim to put in place structures that protect you and your family and grow your wealth. Importantly, your Fortnum adviser can assist you to implement a strategy for a financially rewarding exit from professional practice, at the time of your choosing.

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