Investment Research

Fortnum delivers a professional, unbiased approach that supports investment requirements. We do this by providing an accommodating framework that offers a comprehensive selection that satisfies the full range of client circumstances and needs.

At all times we ensure we can demonstrate process integrity and rigor in assessment at each and every stage of the research decision making process. We seek cost-effective solutions, and when possible, we use our market positioning and scale advantage to secure attractive, best of breed engagements, terms and pricing.

We offer a broad selection of investment options, which are available to satisfy a range of practice and client needs covering: APL universe; asset consultants; platforms; brokers and other suppliers; insurance option and others. Fortnum Investment and Insurance Committee (IIC) is responsible for the governance, guidelines, approvals and monitoring of the above.

We assist and enhance our financial planning practices’ approach to investing via our Fortnum Portfolio Solutions Service (FPSS). This consultative framework helps to improve our financial planning practices’ client investment value proposition, whether that be totally overhauling their investment approach or just refining selected elements. Furthermore, our MDA Service provides the ideal investment delivery solution for practices and is one of the many options available as we develop customised FPSS roadmaps for advice firms to achieve a more effective approach to investing.