It is a big decision to move dealer groups, and I am so pleased that my team and I decided on Fortnum. The weekly Zoom meetings with Fortnum leaders and various other team members makes you feel welcome, even before you join. I could not have asked for a smoother transition and now we feel like we are part of a community. Any issues that come up are dealt with in a caring and professional manner. The Fortnum team are real people, who are there to help you, whether it is face to face, Zoom or a phone call.
Kath Orman
Principal & Financial Planner – Goals & Dreams Financial Planning Pty Ltd
Joining Fortnum was a breath of fresh air. They have a diverse and very capable team who are always willing to help, and it genuinely feels like they want you to succeed. They are forward thinking and forward looking, and always quick to adapt and adjust to the changing environment and needs of an advice business. The thing I feel makes them unique is the culture and community of really good businesses and advisers. There are always plenty of opportunities to connect and collaborate with other advisers and the group is always so willing to share what they are doing and how. I’d highly recommend.
Scott Dawkins
Principal, Director & Financial Adviser – Griffin Financial Services
Fortnum uses its scale to get a better deal for clients which is very different to the old-world approach where dealer groups were totally reliant on margins and splits. The team at Fortnum is focused on adding value for advisers and clients, and that also involves providing practice management and client engagement tools to ensure we’re running efficient, profitable and growing businesses.
Andrew Fenton
Principal – Mornington Financial Services
Fortnum has provided our practice a professional, warm and inviting environment for us to succeed in. Fortnum’s eagerness to listen, learn and move at an Industry leading pace ensures that our Practice is well positioned to handle the ongoing challenges we face in today’s world. Fortnum provide a platform that allows for collaboration with like-minded peers. A focus on ensuring only high-quality people and their practices represent the Fortnum brand allowing us to invest for the future with confidence knowing we are at the forefront of financial planning in Australia. We highly recommend Fortnum as a Licensee if you are looking for a long-term partnership that will support you on your journey.
Lynne Ross
Principal – Jigsaw Private Wealth