Values & History

Our Values

We believe our first responsibility is to act in the best interests of our clients, which is supported by our core values:

Inclusiveness: We are a community of like-minded professionals who work collaboratively to learn and grow.

Quality: We believe the highest level of service standards are important for ensuring best possible outcomes.

Innovation: We continually strive to find new and better ways to help our advisers deliver the best possible advice and service to their clients.

Commitment: We will work tirelessly to achieve the best solutions, finish what we start and deliver on our promises.

Standards: We believe in meeting Financial Services Professional Standards and raising the bar in education, training and ethical standards.

We are energised and inspired to find new ways to lead our advice community and our people. We thrive on tough problems, new challenges and delivering quality outcomes, and love working with our amazing team who continually seek personal and professional growth.

Through empathy and humility, we value and respect our advice community and our people. We genuinely care, always take time to listen and help each other, and put ourselves in other party’s shoes when a problem arises to ensure we understand all perspectives which allows us to find the best solution.

Our success is dependent upon the collective energy, intelligence and contributions of our advice community and our people.  We leverage our collective genius, nurture and embrace different perspectives, and we love sharing ideas with peers to help with their success – making sure we have some fun along the way!

Entrepreneurial spirit
We are curious and apply original thinking, always challenge the status quo and we are resourceful to make outcomes a reality. We continually challenge “what’s possible” in order to better meet the needs of our advice community and our people.

Our history

Our roots go to 1989 and Associated Planners which was arguably the most successful financial services firm of its era.

In 2010 Fortnum, its name derived from Fortress and Numbers, was founded by Ray Miles along with a passionate like-minded group of financial advisers.

Since then, Fortnum has continued to grow and today we are considered a successful and reputable mid-tier Licensee.

We attract mostly corporatised financial advice firms that service high value clients.

Indeed, we are in the enviable position of offering expertise and scale enough to enable buying power, but small enough to maintain close interactions with, and between our advice practices to create a well-supported peer-network.

Even though the financial services landscape in Australia has changed significantly over the years, our client-focused values, best-of-breed character and collegiate culture have remained. Fortnum is strong, principled, values-based and well-resourced to enable our advice firms to build successful businesses that deliver the financial outcomes their clients require.