We didn’t truly understand the full potential of what a licensee could deliver before we started talking to Fortnum. Previously we thought a licensee should be there when we needed them but otherwise stay out of our way.

Fortnum talks a massive game but to their absolute credit, we haven’t been found wanting.

Fortnum is less of a licensee in the traditional sense and more of a key business partner. They present us with opportunities, support us to innovate and bringing the network together as a like-minded community committed to pursuing the same goals. This is why we joined and this is why we will stay. Joining Fortnum has been one of the best business decisions we have made.

Josh Cratchley / Co-Founder, Plenary Wealth

The collegiate culture that exists within Fortnum, the complete absence of inflated egos, the genuine ethos of putting client interests at the forefront of every decision and the absence of any institutional influence make Fortnum the logical choice of licensee for any financial planning practice to whom such qualities are important. So impressed have we been with the Fortnum way of doing things that we took the decision that it was an appropriate allocation of our business resources to invest a proportion of my time to service as a Director of Fortnum Financial Group Ltd; a role that I have found immensely rewarding.

After almost four decades as a financial adviser, I have worked under many licensees. I can say without any element of equivocation that Fortnum is head and shoulders above any other of the many groups with whom I have been associated and I have no hesitation in recommending them to any financial planning firm looking to associate themselves with others with a genuine understanding of the role we play in shaping and improving the financial lives of ours clients.

Wayne Leggett / Principal, Paramount Wealth Management

Fortnum uses its scale to get a better deal for clients which is very different to the old world approach where dealer groups were totally reliant on margins and splits.

“Fortnum and FPSA are focused on adding value for advisers and clients, and that also involves providing practice management and client engagement tools to ensure we’re running efficient, profitable and growing businesses.”

Andrew Fenton / Principal of Mornington Financial Services

Before joining Fortnum in 2011, I was spending too much time running my own licence and not enough time on my business.

“Fortnum delivers most of the advantages of being self-licensed but without the impediments. With Fortnum’s support, I’m able to work on my business and as a result I’ve experienced a phenomenal increase in my revenue and growth

Denis Durand / Principal Durand Financial Services